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Forget high costs, incomprehensible and lengthy project analyses, or time-consuming implementations. You can start the digital transformation of your daily operations by taking small, independent, and completely feasible steps that generate value for your business from the very first day. Discover a truly innovative business transformation platform that utilizes next-generation cloud and process automation technologies, enabling you to take the next step in the transition of your business into the new digital age. With Soft1 Series 6, you are now always one step ahead!

Innovative user interface

50% faster, even more personalised,
100% more user-friendly

The new Soft1 software series delivers a truly unique user experience. The all-new leaner design, brings ease of use and speed at the forefront, making it simpler for users to access the right information faster, allowing a more intuitive and efficient workflow.

Featuring new customization options and tools, Soft1 Series 6 allows better and faster handling of data, fully personalizing the experience to the user needs. Soft1 Series 6 also incorporates an entirely redesigned information portal that keeps the right functionality just a click away.

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Enterprise Mobility

Every function, every task, on any device

Embracing the disciplines of instinctual interface design, usability, accessibility and information architecture, Soft1 Series 6 makes location, device and user's software proficiency, indifferent.

Soft1 Series 6 seamlessly extends its powerful capabilities to any smart device, enabling the development of business opportunities of any business, through the award-winning Soft1 360 enterprise mobility platform, the fully redesigned Soft1 360 enterprise mobility platform, the fully redesigned redesigned Soft1 Sales Force Automation, and Soft1 WMS Lite - a new, more focused mobile application that optimizes warehouse and inventory management!

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Limitless connectivity & collaboration

High added value from business data

Soft1 Series 6 is by design-ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Engineered to support the seamless collaboration with any third-party software, application platform or banking system, Soft1 Series 6 extends your business capabilities and empowers your organization to achieve more.

Operating as a truly open platform, Soft1 Series 6 has the ability to bridge across any differences that result from software, platform or technology without large upfront and ongoing investments.

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New and upgraded applications


Process automation, easier than ever

Data Lake

Τhe real picture of your business behind data and numbers


A new digital experience in the hands of your employees


Any bank transaction, directly from your business software


Send e-invoices with a click of a button

The powerful features of Soft1 Series 6 are also fully interconnected with the EINVOICING electronic invoicing service, allowing you to issue and forward certified electronic invoices to your customers and to IAPR, with a single click.

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Next generation cloud performance

Powerful know-how, extensive experience, innovation

Soft1 Series 6 incorporates all the experience of the most innovative Cloud ERP platform in the market. With more than 8.000 registered installations, Soft1 Cloud technologies have truly revolutionized the way business is done.

Providing even greater flexibility, Soft1 Series 6 comes with a comprehensive set of features, exclusively suited for the next-generation of cloud solutions.
The new Soft1 Series 6 includes numerous pioneering cloud optimization technologies that set the pace for a faster, smarter and more cost-effective operational model.

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