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SoftOne’s retail is an advanced business solution that reduces complexity and meets the changing demands of every retail business. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it provides retail business with the necessary functionality to optimize their processes and better serve their customers.

Providing real-time visibility across your entire retail operation, it ideally delivers all the information related to store performance, cost and inventory controlling. It fully supports the growing demand for business process automation, allowing your company to enhance its workforce productivity from day one.

Designed as comprehensive retail management solution, Soft1 Retail features innovative and powerful functionality that automates your sales, supports your loyalty schemes and marketing activities. It also provides you with a comprehensive view of your financial activities with an advanced financial management module for retailers. Accelerate and streamline your retail operations with Soft1's Series 6 powerful, flexible and configurable retail solution.

Soft1 ERP delivers real benefits

Optimize your operations

Improve your productivity, increase your operational efficiency and drive growth. With Soft1’s Series 6 retail-specific functionality, you can efficiently align your sales and inventories, reduce complexity and optimize your entire retail operations.

Get closer to your customers

Deliver a great shopping experience and meet your customers' expectations. Take advantage of Soft1’s Series 6 advanced loyalty and customer care features to better identify, interact with and retain customers.

See the big, big picture

Get real-time visibility into sales, inventory and customers across your entire retail business. See the complete view of your stock, sales and cash collections for any of your stores, on line. Better support your core operations and make smarter business decisions with confidence.

Uncover new sales opportunities

Soft1 Retail solution is designed to help you unlock new sales opportunities and meet changing customers' demands, while increase efficiency in your stores. Utilize Soft1’s Series 6 scalable and integrated solution and react instantly to market conditions, making faster decisions on pricing, reorders and markdowns.

Industry-Specific Functionality

Configurable retail sales screens designed for quick entry needs. Enable customer data to be included on sale receipts regardless of payment method (cash, credit, credit card etc.). Connect with credit card terminals and automate the management of advance payments - orders.

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Create and manage complex pricing policies scenarios for sales and/or for purchases. Automate price selection, discounts and gifts based on agreements.

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Manage unlimited warehouses. Fully monitor storage bins and shelves throughout all stock movements.

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Monitor lot number records with complete information on the expiration dates & stock quantities, which may be included in transactions per document line. Lot transactions are traced in a dedicated log.

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Support corporate marketing strategy with related loyalty incentives and reward. Enable member card management with point collection and policies for issuing vouchers and offering discounts. Compose complex reward scenarios with automated point collections and reward handling.

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Provides comprehensive management capabilities for existing or potential customers. It includes, contact management, sales actions, sales opportunity management, and marketing campaigns management. It features seamless and comprehensive connection with call centers, popular email online suites such as Gmail and Outlook.

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Manage alternative codes for stock items and automate stock item retrieval based on alternative codes on trading documents.

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Manage and monitor stock items according to a combination of maximum three different attributes, coupled with a wide range of related reports and other statistics.

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Set of system tools that ensures the uninterrupted operation of remote installations in cases of disconnections.

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Track stock items per site, warehouse, location, batch, serial number packages. Utilize multiple inventory control systems and valuation methods such as FIFO and LIFO. Reduce costs and eliminate waste using ABC analysis.

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Monitor of serial numbers in all transactions.

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Manage composite items and use numerous related automations during transactions. Create group sets for stock items or services (if applicable) and monitor their cost during composition of sets with an option for automatic generation of composition or decomposition documents during transactions.

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"Soft1 assisted our company to optimize its entire retail operation, putting an end to significant time delays and problems. The solution efficiently supports promotional activities and customer loyalty schemes, while it automatically synchs with our corporate e-shop."

Lykourgos Mantzouranides , IT Director, Leto S.A.

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