Soft1 Series 6
Limitless Connectivity & Collaboration

Expand your business opportunities and securely connect with your bank, your business partners' systems or any third-party application.
Utilize Soft1's Series 6 connection competencies and allow interoperability transform your business capabilities with advanced integration options that drive down cost and lead to meaningful business results.

Fintech ready

Soft1 Series 6 is fully capable of supporting interconnectivity with most online banking platforms. Using the Soft1’s bank integration module, you can significantly reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry and improve cash management, all within a perfectly secure environment.

Efficiently and accurately, Soft1 users can automate and streamline their day-to-day banking transactions, directly from their business software. Utilizing Soft1 software, you can save time and easily manage your company accounts, make and receive payments, apply transfers, check balances and view transaction history, with just a few clicks.

Soft1 also supports electronic bank statement reconciliation, verifying the validity of data between your bank records and the account data provided in your Soft1 software. Naturally, all the bank related transactions can be performed through any authorized smart device, regardless of installation's operating model (on-premise or in the cloud).

Extend your possibilities

Combine the power of Soft1 Series 6 with any other system to streamline your business operations, save time and achieve more with your software, your business services and your commerce platforms.

Using web service technology, micro services and advanced protocol standards for communication and data transfer, Soft1 Series 6 ensure interoperability with almost any system.

Advanced web services

Soft1 Web Services include a collection of functions and operations that secure the validation of requests, the data management, the accessibility and security, irrespective of operating system, programming language or software architecture.

Using JSON format to define an operation for execution as well as the data exchange with 3rd party applications, Soft1 Web Services provide a totally different way of thinking for the software development, delivering significant advantages in comparison to legacy distributed systems:

■ Easier data handling
■ Simplicity in the communication protocol
■ Simplicity in the infrastructure
■ Ease in communication
■ Adjustment to already existing applications or the ever-changing business conditions and customer requirements.

Integration with any application

Soft1 Series 6 allows the seamless integration of different sources of information, databases or applications.
It easily and quickly ensures accurate and secure data transfer, continuously synchronizing data for greater B2B collaboration.

Any enterprise that operates Soft1 Series 6 can seamlessly integrate with any:

■ E-shop or e-commerce platform
■ B2B platform
■ WMS platform
■ Microsoft Office 365 application
■ Web Mail
■ Social Media platform.

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