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Soft1 ERP Series 6 offers distributors and wholesalers an end-to-end solution that accelerates business growth and enhances customer satisfaction. Featuring out-of-the-box functionality from sales, orders, purchases and inventory management to financials, warehouse management and business reporting, Soft1’s solution can help you optimize every aspect of your business.

Soft1’s solution can help you better run your business while on the go. Empower your people to access critical data in real-time from anywhere, accelerate your response times and improve your decision making.

Steer your business in the right direction with an integrated solution that can help you improve your profitability, seize new market opportunities and proactively meet your customer needs.

Soft1 ERP delivers real benefits

Control your cost

Control your inventory costs and optimize your resources. Better manage your inventory assets, speed up your delivery times and improve your margins and profitability.

Eliminate complexity

Streamline and automate your cross-functional operations and distribution processes. Accelerate your pace and align every aspect of your operations, from sales and inventory to distribution and financials.

Insights for growth

Gain comprehensive, real-time visibility across your organization. Empower your people to make more informed and confident decisions. Quickly and easily obtain the information you need, from anywhere and from any device.

Redefine customer satisfaction

Set your business apart with superior customer service. Empower your people to build stronger supplier and customer relationships. Meet your customers' challenging demands with ease, while controlling your costs.

Industry-Specific Functionality

Track stock items per site, warehouse, location, batch, serial number packages. Utilize multiple inventory control systems and valuation methods such as FIFO and LIFO. Reduce costs and eliminate waste using ABC analysis.

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Manage alternative codes for stock items and automate stock item retrieval based on alternative codes on trading documents.

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Manage and monitor stock items according to a combination of maximum three different attributes, coupled with a wide range of related reports and other statistics.

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Create advanced credit control scenarios applied selectively in certain categories of documents or payment methods. Featuring automated warnings, prohibitions, questions and approval procedures during entry of Documents.

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Manage storage locations and materials. Easily track inventory on web and mobile interface.

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Monitor of serial numbers in all transactions.

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Manage composite items and use numerous related automations during transactions. Create group sets for stock items or services (if applicable) and monitor their cost during composition of sets with an option for automatic generation of composition or decomposition documents during transactions.

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Includes master file for currencies and exchange rates, as well as the capability of using 3 currencies per Transaction (local, transaction and trader’s currency). Calculation of exchange rate differences (gains and losses), including Intrastat & Vies procedures. All exchange rates are updated automatically.

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Utilize sales orders, demand forecasts and real-time inventory information to plan and generate accurate supply orders that cover current and forecasted demand.

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Monitor lot number records with complete information on the expiration dates & stock quantities, which may be included in transactions per document line. Lot transactions are traced in a dedicated log.

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Create complex pricing policies scenarios for sales or purchases. Automate price selection, discounts and gifts based on agreements.

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Calculate the cost of imported stocks through an import (export) folder, estimating the cumulative amount of all related documents. Expenses forecasts is also supported. Import costs are allocated according to various criteria (value, weight, volume etc.). The Intrastat & Vies procedures are also included.

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