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Soft1 BI Data Lake
Bring your data to life

Unlock the powerful features offered by the most advanced Business Intelligence technologies, with the new Soft1 BI Data Lake service. Connect people and business data, helping them see the real picture hidden behind numbers, information and processes, on a modern and truly user-friendly BI tool.

Flexibly designed to meet the requirements of all type of businesses, from the small to enterprises, Soft1 BI Data Lake transforms raw data into easy-to-understand visualizations, allowing your people to monitor and evaluate key performance indicators and make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Effortlessly, without specialized technical knowledge and mostly at an affordable cost, since Soft1 BI Data Lake is available as a subscription service that does not require the purchase of analytics licenses. Moreover, it does not involve any cost for process analysis and design or infrastructure maintenance.

Turn your data into business value

Fully integrated with Microsoft's pioneering Power BI platform, Soft1 BI Data Lake collects, organizes and exports data from any Soft1 installation (either on the cloud or on-premise), turning them into dashboards, graphs, tables and other visualized Business Intelligence reports.

Combining Soft1’s built-in powerful analytics, advanced predictive models and machine learning technologies with the industry leading capabilities of Power BI, Soft1 BI Data Lake provides access to business data in a standardized, optimized format for reporting and analytics of several templatized scenarios, helping any business to gain a deep understanding and make better use of its available information.

See the big picture, as well as the details

Real-time information

Easily and quickly manage, control and process vast volumes of business data to build live dashboards, graphs and reports that provide greater insight into any business operation and performance. Utilize interactive templates that are updated in real time, allowing you to timely identify problems and malfunctions as well as uncover patterns, trends and opportunities.

Powerful knowledge

View, analyze and visualize data, helping your business to better make sense of its data. Uncover the factors affecting your company's sales performance, quickly adapt to changing market trends as well as your customers' demands, and evaluate key financial metrics by utilizing the embedded Soft1 BI Data Lake reports and templates.

Visualized decision making

Create dynamic, interactive dashboards, graphs, and other visualization models for your data, that allow you to make more informed decisions based on real information. Align strategic and financial planning with Soft1 BI Data Lake’s advanced tools for budgeting, forecasting, and analysis to drive better business results.

Advanced capabilities, unique advantages

Get started with ready-to-use templates

Get insights quickly without complicated setups or prior training, using Soft1 BI Data Lake's embedded Sales and Financial templates. Monitor in real-time and measure sales/revenues performance, and identify trends and factors that affect the demand for your products. Generate clear snapshots of what’s happening in your business, view the evolution of key financial indexes and analyze balance sheets and financial statements.

Create custom templates

Support the information needs of any function or department of your business (from sales, marketing and CRM, to production, supply chain or even HR) with the powerful customization capabilities of Soft1 BI Data Lake. Export the desired data and easily create your own customized templates, gaining instant access to the information you truly need through dashboards, graphs, and ready-to-use reports.

Create accurate forecasts

Do not limit your business visibility on past data - see also what might happen in the future. Integrating powerful machine learning capabilities, Soft1 BI Data Lake can spot patterns in data and use those patterns to make informed predictions and run “what if” scenarios, helping you generate secure forecasts based on a series of algorithms that ensure their validity.

Pay attention to detail

Gain a better understanding of the results of any process or business operation, easily carrying out more in-depth analysis. Create dynamic and interactive dashboards, graphs tables or other visualizations, and immediately drill into the visualization to look at the data that comprises it (with a simple click on it, or applying the desired filters).

Share intelligence across your organization

Provide nontechnical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing and visualizing data related to their business role, thus help them gain insights and turn them into actions to make data-driven business decisions. Generate live, ready-to-consume dashboards, graphs and other data visualization BI reports, and securely share them throughout your organization, providing your employees with instant access to them through their Office 365 account.

Always be up to date

Bring cloud analytics to on-premise data, utilizing Soft1 BI Data Lake service. Fully integrated with any Soft1 installation (either on the cloud or on-premise) as well as the Microsoft Power BI cloud platform, it allows you to leverage the latest business intelligence technologies and real-time analytics. Achieve better business agility, using reports and visualizations that their data is refreshed whenever the underlying dataset is updated.

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