Redefining productivity

Soft1 ERP Series 6 provides the necessary functionality for today's manufacturing businesses to accurately model and plan production, react swiftly to changing customer demands and easily integrate with their suppliers' systems.

With comprehensive functionality and remarkable ease-of-use, Soft1’s Series 6 production solution enables your business to drive efficiency, streamline processes and keep costs low, while keeping customer service and profitability up. It also allows for the careful and exact handling of supplies -based on real client demands, as well as model of relations with suppliers, factories, warehouses, human resources and cost centers.

Soft1 Production Management software provides visibility and control to all key production processes, as well as integrated audit controls to meet the most rigorous compliance requirements. Accurately and timely create real-time reports. Make business decisions based on actual data and improve your overall productivity, while you delight your customers.

Soft1 ERP delivers real benefits

Improve efficiency

Streamline and standardize your production processes. Staying on top of key aspects, improve your production planning and ultimately achieve better results without the need of additional resources.

Make better decisions

Stay informed about every aspect of your business. Utilize real-time insights and key performance indicators to accurately perform forecasts, react quickly to customer demands and proactively manage your entire production operations.

Lower operational costs

Eliminate complexity, delays and communication problems. Soft1 Series 6 assists you to efficiently balance your production and labor requirements, while reducing overtime expenses through workforce optimization.

True cloud deployment

Realize a true cloud deployment and better manage your entire manufacturing business. Increase your operational agility and experience significantly lower operating costs without compromising the quality of your operations, products or services.

Industry-Specific Functionality

Manage production specifications and monitor joint products and byproducts as well as production orders and related documents. Utilize waste management capabilities throughout distribution of physical inventory. Fully manage inventory balances, consumption requirements based on production orders or sale orders and costing of products.

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Track stock items per site, warehouse, location, batch, serial number packages. Utilize multiple inventory control systems and valuation methods such as FIFO and LIFO. Reduce costs and eliminate waste using ABC analysis.

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Monitor lot number records with complete information on the expiration dates & stock quantities, which may be included in transactions per document line. Lot transactions are traced in a dedicated log.

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Complete file & base information management for trading parties. These constitute central entities of the application, which are used in all transactions of the commercial mode (purchases, sales, collections, payments, expenditures/special transactions).

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Calculate production cost and update the inventory with the values of products produced and consumed. Respectively update Cost Accounting with production, consumption and costing transactions. Process automation through distribution of physical inventory. Automated calculation of product costing based on weight factors.

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Manage alternative codes for stock items and automate stock item retrieval based on alternative codes on trading documents.

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Manage and monitor stock items according to a combination of maximum three different attributes, coupled with a wide range of related reports and other statistics.

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Fully manage sales, orders, quotes, shipments, returns, credits, annulling notes etc.

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Manage unlimited warehouses. Fully monitor storage bins and shelves throughout all stock movements.

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Monitor of serial numbers in all transactions.

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Manage composite items and use numerous related automations during transactions. Create group sets for stock items or services (if applicable) and monitor their cost during composition of sets with an option for automatic generation of composition or decomposition documents during transactions.

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Fully manage purchases, orders, quotes, shipments, returns, credits, annulling notes etc.

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