Soft1 Cloud Technologies

Added value by SoftOne, at the best cloud infrastructure!


Soft1 Cloud ERP operates at the sophisticated data centers of Microsoft and takes full advantage of the technical advantages of the Windows Azure cloud platform.

SoftOne constantly develops advanced cloud technologies that enhance the capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform and ensure the flawless operation of Soft1 software in the cloud.

These technologies integrate with the Soft1 Azure Hypervisor, an advanced control system that fully automates all functions of the cloud service and eliminates the possibility of human error!


  • End–to–end function tracking (Health Monitoring Service) for immediate response to real-time demands
  • Dynamic load balancing for more efficient operation, based on real needs
  • Elasticity in handling Azure’s resources
  • Installation of new software versions (versioning control)
  • Secure user access: authorized user access with workstation access certification, firewall protection for controlled access by specific networks
  • Easy transition from on-premise to cloud operation (cloud transition)
  • Uploading & downloading the database, so that a company may immediately download its data from the cloud and install it locally for additional security or alternative operations
  • Creation of backup copies for storage, either in the cloud or locally (even on a USB stick)
  • Issuance of time-limited special access codes, for supporting third parties services