Soft1 Operational Models

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The development of technology creates new, improved ways for running a company’s IT.

Besides the traditional operational model that relies on physical servers, today’s IT may take advantage of new solutions, by using virtualized servers and alternative cloud computing versions.

Soft1 ERP provides IT managers with the flexibility to use varied platforms, in order to host the software applications they need for their organizations.

These options include:

On-premise operation: Soft1 applications are deployed the traditional way on private servers behind the firewall of the enterprise. Customers purchase a license and deploy Soft1 ERP on their physical servers (virtualized or not). In this scenario, the customer deploys the database and operating environment, performs application upgrades and manages backups.

ASK subscription model: Soft1 applications are deployed on private servers behind the firewall of the enteprise. Customers purchase a subscription (billed annually) and deploy Soft1 ERP on their physical servers. It is a license agreement for one-year period that is renewed annualy and includes all new software versions.

Cloud-based: The operation of Soft1 ERP is outsourced to SoftOne, as a third party service provider. This offering is a fully managed service running on Microsoft Windows Azure resources.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Soft1 applications are delivered on a subscription basis. Exploiting advanced multitenancy and load balancing techniques, users from different enterprises are comingled on Windows Azure server, database and storage platforms. SoftOne manages the operation of software applications, upgrades and general data backup as protection from disasters.
  • Hosted ERP (Virtual Private Cloud) – Soft1 applications are deployed in the public cloud where enterprises are provided with their own dedicated cloud resources and they do not have to share it with other organizations.