Company name

Alouette S.A.


Children’s Clothing, Toys & Accessories

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

Implemented by

SoftOne Technologies S.A.


Alouette is a leading company in kid’s apparel. The company designs, manufactures, and imports quality clothing, shoes, toys and accessories for children. Alouette offers its’ products through a dynamic and constantly expanding network of 250 outlets with 36 exclusive stores.

  • Meeting retail needs in all points of sale
  • Unified connection for all points of sale providing at the same time the ability for an alternative functional method per store
  • Supporting increasing retail needs
  • Central data monitoring and evaluation ability
  • Fast and easy creation of qualitative functional reports

  • Unification of all stores under a single interface
  • In-store ability of alternative operational methods with the existence of online/ on-demand offline function
  • Managing specific retail requirements using the advanced multifunctional Soft1 Retail module
  • Integration of all necessary information within Alouette Group
  • Use of QlikView’s incorporated BI tools for the creation of multifunctional data reports regarding store management and operational activities

  • Simplified and automated retail procedures in all Alouette’s points of sale
  • Continues reliable operation of all stores
  • Ability to support and manage specific retail needs such as Member’s Card, Loyalty Schemes, Offers, Vouchers, and Pricing Policies
  • Time reduction for data processing and evaluation deriving from retail network
  • Real time information and data analysis improving and simplifying decision making procedures

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