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Harris Siambanis, Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum

The internationally renowned Greek cultural center "Benaki Museum" preserves and makes accessible (as widely as possible) its diverse collections through a total of 6 open-to-public museums and 7 conservation laboratories. Benaki Museum hosts dozens of permanent, temporary and travelling exhibitions every year, while it organizes a variety of educational programs and events to both support scientific research and educate and engage its audiences.

  • Lack of interoperability between existing systems and applications, resulting in overlaps across internal processes
  • Increased complexity and low efficiency on project implementation
  • Absence of reliable statistics and consolidated reports
  • Difficulty in providing top-management with real-time performance data and insights
  • Significant implementation delays on decision-making

  • Detailed monitoring and allocation of all expenses, purchases and revenues (per museum activity or department)
  • Management of memberships and contributions
  • Event management (capacity, e-tickets, audiences etc.)
  • Sales management per museum shop
  • Exhibition management (logbook, conservation, financial data etc.)
  • Payroll cost allocation per museum department or activity
  • Online event performance monitoring (per category, department, time, profitability, exhibit etc.)
  • Advanced BI & Reporting tools, ready-to-use dashboards and reports for measuring and evaluating critical KPIs

  • Enhanced visitor experience
  • Unified museum management
  • Significant reduction of IT operating and maintenance costs
  • Extensive process automation resulting in significant time savings
  • 24x7 reliable system operation, with no additional support requirements
  • Optimized IT management and resource allocation
  • Increased process control and monitoring, eliminating the overall probability of errors
  • Real-time access to museum data from anywhere and via any mobile device
  • Full, continuous compliance with GDPR data privacy regulation
  • Accurate, reliable performance reports resulting in faster decision-making

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