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BoConcept Greece - Life Concept


Household Furniture

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BoConcept GREECE - Life Concept selected Soft1 Cloud ERP since our establishment in order to implement an advanced solution that effectively supports our company’s entire retail operation. The enhanced cloud capabilities of Soft1 provide our sales executives real time access to company data and information necessary for their daily work, enabling them to produce reliable sales reports.

George Tsitos, CEO, BoConcept Greece - Life Concept


BoConcept - Life Concept is the official representative of the world recognized BoConcept brand in Greece. The Danish company is listed among the largest furniture manufactures in the world, holding 260+ points of sale in more tha 60 countries all over the world.

  • Ensure real-time data exchange between point of sales and the company’s headquarters
  • Develop a unified retail management system
  • Design an automated control process, enabling real-time monitoring and evaluation of inbound orders
  • Track and control product distribution activities between the company’s retail stores
  • Produce extensive and reliable financial reports

  • Implemented Soft1 Cloud ERP to streamline and automate core business operations
  • Designed a customized, user-friendly operational menu for handling Bo Concept store needs
  • Implemented easy access to pending orders and new customer offers, allowing pricing and quantity control
  • Provided support of special retail needs such as credit cards and gift vouchers
  • Established a supply chain management system, enabling real time monitoring of all internal distribution tasks as well as efficient inventory control
  • Generated enhanced management reports, utilizing Soft1’s embedded BI tools

  • Efficient support of all business processes using a complete, high-end IT system
  • Significant reduction of operational and maintenance IT costs
  • 24/7 system operation with no additional IT requirements
  • Real-time visibility into BoConcept’s entire retail operation
  • Efficient inventory management and control
  • Real-time sales data analysis resulting into better decision-making
  • Improved quality of customer service

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