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Chartered Accountants & Business Consultants

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DOS application

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Soft1 Payroll & HR

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SoftOne Technologies S.A.

The Soft1 Payroll & HR administration application, as compared with our legacy system, is significantly better in the following: Payroll calculation speed; Ease of auditing calculations throughreports, lists etc; Easily configurable; Well-structured and easily accessed information through tabs sheets; User friendly operation; Auditing of Detailed Periodic Statements without the need to print on paper. Given the frequent changes in Greek legislation relating to payroll, as well as the large number of our employees (>600), the Soft1 application has really helped us save valuable time in dealing with all issues raised, validly and on time.

Mantzounis Evangelos, Payroll Manager, DELOITTE Greece


Deloitte Greece is a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. With a staff of more than 600 and offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, Deloitte Greece provides audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services.

  • Delay in updating changes in legislation in legacy system
  • Manual entries of changes in legislation were often required
  • Difficulty in solving problems over the phone on time
  • Difficulty in calculating and auditing of Detailed Periodic Statement required by law
  • Difficulty in accessing all recorded employee information

  • Replacing the legacy system by Soft1
  • Design of flexible reports and forms according to business needs
  • Timely and accurate version updates incorporating all legislation changes
  • Quick creation of bank employee wage file (for online payment)
  • History of wage, personal and professional development of each employee

  • The time spent for the recording of wage data needed for the monthly payroll calculation was reduced by 50
  • All changes in legislation (S.S.E., taxation, insurance funds) are updated in the application simply by installing the updates
  • All official forms, reports and files required by law are provided with the application
  • Detailed Periodic Statement calculation can be viewed and changed, if necessary, before submission to the Social Security authorities
  • Automatic creation of payroll articles
  • Flexibility in the design of payroll printouts & reports

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