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Petro S.A. - Diplomat


Travel Goods, Leather Goods, Gifts & Accessories

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Soft1 application

Soft1 300

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Soft1 ERP was the most efficient and reliable business solution for our company. In cooperation with EXETECH, a certified SoftOne partner, we have fully utilized the capabilities of Soft1 ERP, customizing it according to our company’s daily operational needs and requirements.

Nastos P. Ilias, CEO, Petro S.A.

Petro S.A. - Diplomat

Petro S.A. operates in the filelds of production and trade for travel goods, leather goods, business gifts and travel accessories, since 1987. The company is the official manufacturer and representative for Diplomat products in Greece and Europe. Diplomat products are wolrdwide recognized, cosnisting of top quality, usability and affordability.

  • Easy and fast learning process of ERP’s functions
  • Better the quality of information provided to improve and simplify the decision making process
  • Continuous monitoring and control of orders
  • Improved inventory control
  • Advanced management of all operational functions

  • Utilized the advanced Soft1 reporting tools to provide reliable business reports
  • Automated the process for receiving and executing orders
  • Established a complete inventory and credit status control process
  • Using innovative Report Analysis tools for qualitatively reports export
  • Full warehouses control and suppliers/customers credit status supervision

  • Increase employees’ productivity
  • Significantly reduced data processing time
  • Advanced operational reporting
  • Complete monitoring and control of orders
  • Improved import/export control and more efficient collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Easy system adaptation to future needs

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