Company name

Elviart Kaloidas S.A.


Dough Delicacies

Application replaced

Enterprise ERP (Singular)

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

Implemented by

SoftOne Technologies S.A.


Elviart Kaloidas Commercial & Industrial S.A. specializes in the dough delicacies production since 1952. The company holds a leading position in the domestic market, producing more than 650.000 pieces per day in its own manufacturing plant in Aspropirgos, Attica. Operating through privately owned storing and distribution facilities in Germany and Cyprus, ELVIART has also a significant presence abroad, exporting its products in the European and the Middle Eastern market.

  • Complete and integrated IT support
  • Effective planning and control of all main production and manufacturing processes
  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Quick product distribution due to limited shelf life
  • Sales process automation
  • Enhanced operational and management control

  • Implemented Soft1 ERP to unify all business processes in a single system
  • Designed an advanced production planning and control system that effectively handles critical functions such as production orders, consumption sheets, internal costing per production phase and quantitative registration processes
  • Utilized Soft1’s supply chain management module to provide real-time inventory monitoring and support of product distribution and work-in-process inventory
  • Implemented Soft1 PDA Warehouse application that fully automates all daily operations such as receiving and picking-up items, internal trafficking etc., providing real-time system updates with warehouse traffic
  • Automated inventory management and control processes based on the “import” and “best before” dates of product lots
  • Used Soft1 CRM to access critical information related to orders, customer support issues, leads and sales opportunities
  • Produced accurate budget scenarios to determine purchase orders, specify expenditures by department and estimate product sales for predefined time periods

  • Automated collaborations providing faster execution of all daily operations
  • Accurate production planning, ensuring immediate respond to increased product demands
  • Reduction of both warehouse operating expenses and time needed for product deliveries
  • Seamless, real-time information for the company’s warehouse traffic
  • Efficient stock handling based on lots’ expire dates, eliminating any inventory losses
  • Increased efficiency and better customer service
  • Complete financial picture, improved decision-making process

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