Company name

Eurocatering S.A.


Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Application replaced

Kefalaio - Anaconda - Custom application

Soft1 application

Soft1 Cloud ERP

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Eurocatering is one of the largest companies in the trade of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as in the production and distribution of prepackaged fresh salads and vegetables. Operating through its production facilities in Acharnai, Athens and its distribution center in Thessaloniki, the company caters the biggest food chains, super-markets, restaurants and hotels in Greece.

  • Unify all business processes in a single ERP system
  • Efficiently plan and monitor production processes
  • Ensure full oversight of all warehouse daily operations
  • Improve the management of products due to their limited shelf life
  • Improve the sales order management process
  • Provide an accurate accounting charting of the overall performance of the business
  • Produce extensive statistical information

  • Replaced all previous applications with Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition that fully utilizes the advantages of both the Cloud and the Soft1 enterprise mobility solutions
  • Developed a standardized model for manufacturing planning and control, ensuring accurate cost valuation for each production phase
  • Used Soft1's supply chain management module to provide real-time inventory control and simplify all daily warehouse tasks
  • Automated inventory management based on the "import" and "expiry" dates of all product lots
  • Designed an advanced sales order management process, utilizing the Soft1 360 mobility app for immediate, online order entries based on clients’ order history
  • Used the Soft1 Activity Based Costing module for developing budgets and monitoring actual spending per business department
  • Utilized Soft1's embedded Business Intelligence tools for generating extensive reports

  • Significant reduction in IT operating cost along with faster and more efficient data management
  • Greater responsiveness in customer demand, accurate cost valuations and higher product quality assurance
  • Increased supply chain performance and reliability
  • Timely product deliveries, eliminating any inventory losses due to limited shelf life
  • Faster sales order processing and shipping execution
  • Seamless operating expense control, leading to significant cost savings opportunities
  • Comprehensive, real-time information, supporting all decision-making processes

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