Company name

JT International Hellas


Tobacco Product Manufacturing

Application replaced

Legacy system

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

Implemented by

SoftOne Technologies S.A.

JT International Hellas

The Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is a member of the Group of companies Japan Tobacco (JT), a leading company in tobacco products around the world. The company markets three of the five leading cigarette brands in the world: Winston, Mild Seven and Camel.

  • Build a custom model (template) for the purpose of informing, in real-time, the sales network for new products, prices and promotions
  • Unified management process for the distribution and supply of retail points
  • Automating the data exchange process from and to the final partners without requiring a continuous connection between them
  • Modernization of the network’s operating procedures with the use of valuable data analysis tools and business practices
  • Daily automated update of JTI with the sales data per retail point

  • Unification of procedures and operational actions of associates arising from the particularities of the specific market
  • Utilizing the Soft1 ERP modules and its advanced technological development platform, JTI has the ability to centrally manage the required information quickly and efficiently
  • Secure and automated reproduction of the sales information to the trading partners

  • The data exchange process was automated resulting in a reliable information flow
  • Common rules where established for recording and manage information in order to accelerate entry speed and ease the use of information from partners and JTI
  • The partners ordering department was reorganized, offering a custom call center solution for daily contact with end customers
  • With the use of business intelligence tools both JTI and its partners have the ability to centrally plan and utilize all information
  • The procedures of handling, delivery and management of orders (picking & packing) as well as the inventory control, where fully automated with the use of Soft1 Mobile Sales and Soft1 Mobile Warehouse
  • The need for capturing targeted questionnaires at the source was satisfied using Soft1 Mobile Sales (merchandizing module) and Soft1 CRM for further processing
  • Upgraded the business entity monitoring process, by log and capture model of economic aggregates, the analysis of their investment
  • The monitoring process of every business partner was improved, using a pre-designed model for recording and capturing the financial status, the profitability analysis and the efficiency of their investments

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