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Soft Drinks

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Custom ERP

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Soft1 360

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Loux Marlafekas SA

Loux holds the second place slot in the soft drinks and juices market in Greece. It is the only Greek company (in the industry) operating a fully integrated production line that guarantees total quality control: from the harvesting and sorting of raw materials to the bottling and merchandising at the point of sale. Having three privately owned production, bottling and distribution plants as well as a new, well-equipped logistics centre, Loux produces and distributes a full range of refreshments and juices through a wide network of 450+ representatives. Meanwhile, in recent years, the company successfully exports its products to USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy and Cyprus.

  • Install a more up-to-date business software solution
  • Incorporate critical business processes in a single platform
  • Efficiently support a wide network of representatives and wholesalers in the Greek region
  • Successfully monitor all corporate assets granted to business representatives and manage all contracts
  • Streamline daily key sales processes
  • Provide sales people with instant access to customer data, whenever needed

  • Implemented the “Soft1 360” enterprise mobility platform to automate sales procedures
  • Utilized powerful CRM functionality to manage all meeting-related tasks in the field, via tablet or smartphone
  • Delivered a vast array of features to simplify the performance of daily tasks (order taking, merchandising, questionnaire management, customer support, lead management)
  • Ensured audit trails of all sales interactions along with their geographical location
  • Incorporated advanced task management tools such as meeting scheduling, route planning (on Google maps), route mileage etc.
  • Utilized offline mode for seamless system operation even in cases of internet disconnection
  • Integrated Soft1 360 with the main CRM installation to speed up customer data collection
  • Provided real-time monitoring of assets (refrigerators, shelves and promotional material) granted to distributors, wholesalers and retailers, via photo and video capture

    Significant time and operating cost savings
  • Improved day-to-day sales performance
  • Optimized scheduling and task management
  • Improved customer service, resulting into higher customer satisfaction score
  • Real-time collection, processing and evaluation of -both quantitative and qualitative- customer data
  • Real-time sales performance monitoring
  • Efficient lead management
  • Improved decision-making processes and faster problem solving

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