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Every modern and competitive business needs speed and flexibility. Mobile devices are an integral part of every employee’s daily life, thus enabling easy access to corporate data from anywhere. Part of the daily work is transferred outside the company walls, creating new needs for fast access to better information. Discover the Enterprise Mobility solutions by SOFT1 & Regate and provide your employees with all the necessary portable tools aiming at enhanced productivity and reaction speed, better control of your business, cost reduction and errors, and improved customer service. Take the next step to the digital transformation of your business and change the way that your employees work, connect with each other, with the customers, suppliers, and partners.

SOFT1 Mobility Solutions

REGATE Mobility Solutions

REGATE, a SOFTONE company, is specialized in the area of mobile technology solutions for businesses (enterprise mobility). Regate’s solutions portfolio cover a series of needs such as sales force automation, Mobile Invoicing (X-VAN), field marketing and merchandising, asset management, sales registrations on field, field service management, management of medical reps, proof of delivery and many more. Regate solutions fully integrate with any ERP system.

Sales Force Automation

Give your salespeople the information they need to get their jobs done quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Increase their productivity, while reducing the operational cost of your business. Process your orders faster, eliminating errors and improving your customer service.

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Mobile Invoicing (EX-VAN)

Manage the entire ExVan sales cycle easily, quickly and without errors, using a flexible tool that adjusts to every way of operating and expands to meet your future rising operational and business needs.


Field Marketing

Directly collect from the market all the necessary data, monitor the competition’s point-of-sale presence, as well as yours, and organize your team using a modern and efficient solution. Strengthen your human resources and make a difference by combining physical presence and state-of-the-art technologies.


Asset Management

Get a complete overview of your assets in the market through reports on their exact location and safety status. Assign to each user different rights depending on their role. Check the planogram of an asset, report a breakdown or perform a repair job with the same application.


Medical Representatives Management

Manage the visit agenda of your business’s medical and/or pharmaceutical visitors. Reduce the waiting time per spot and double the number of their visits. Manage details and action history per doctor, pharmacy, and hospital, all in one app.


Field Service Management

Technician delays are over. Double their visits by equipping them with all the information they need to provide on-site field service through an application that adapts to the specifics of your existing business operation.


Proof of Delivery

Automate the product delivery and pickup procedures in the most secure, valid and efficient way. Ensure and enhance the quality of each delivery and your overall customer service, with full transparency in the management of goods, saving valuable time in accessing information and getting rid of paper documents.

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Mobile Sell Out

Give promoters, beauticians, or sales consultants the ability to record their sales to customers, to check their goals and additional statistics, through a user-friendly application. Track and archive the additional needs and shortages per brand and per user for a specific period of time, right on the spot.

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Shopranos e-commerce

Discover the most contemporary Β2Β e-commerce solution. Easily create the B2B e-shop that suits the needs of your business, while avoiding large investments and time-consuming procedures. Automate the order, customer and stock management process. Find new customers, operate 24/7 without geographical restrictions and boost your sales!

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The new version of SoftOne software adapts and extends its capabilities to any smart device, supporting every function of the modern business through the award-winning business portability platform Soft1 360, the fully redesigned Sales Force Automation Soft1 SFA solution, but also Soft1 WMS Lite - a new specialized mobile application that substantially upgrades the management of the storage spaces and stock of any business!

SOFT1 360

Put your business in motion with SoftOne’s innovative mobile solution. Make your employees more productive and collaborative, no matter where they are or what device they're on. Soft1 360 is an out-of-the-box mobile solution that revolutionizes the way your executives and teams work, connect and engage with your customers, suppliers and business partners.

ΤSoft1 360 enhances the flexibility of use and the availability of critical business information from anywhere. It is an innovative application that extends Soft1 ERP’s "reach", helping your people seamlessly utilize its functionality whenever they need it, even when away from the office! Soft1 360 fully adjusts to your business and industry needs, as well as to each user’s role requirements, bringing increased workforce productivity on the go.

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Soft1 WMS Lite

Take your warehouse to the next level with a powerful solution that provides the functionality, visibility, scalability, and flexibility critical to warehouse and inventory management. Soft1 WMS Lite is an end-to-end mobile application that automates all daily warehouse processes, ensuring faster transactions and data accuracy.

Featuring a friendly graphical user interface, Soft1 WMS Lite supports your employees precisely when they move between warehouse locations. With Soft1 WMS Lite, warehouse professionals have on their mobile handheld devices all the tools and information they need to handle all of their tasks easily and efficiently, avoiding mistakes, errors, costly mis-picks, and delays. Directly integrated with Soft1 Series 6, Soft1 WMS Lite offers real-time inventory updates, improves workflow efficiency, and decreases manual operations, helping you reduce your handling costs and timely respond to your customer’s unique requirements.

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Web Applications


Soft1 B2B is a web application that allows businesses to automate processes with customers and business partners. Soft1 B2B is easily implementable in all Soft1 Series 6 installations, regardless of their operating model (on-premise or in the cloud). Everything is ready for you by SoftOne! Without the need for any specialized installations or any additional hardware, with central control for access rights and with extremely simple customization procedures.


Soft1 myCustomer is a web service that enhances and improves the efficiency of your daily business transactions with your customers. It helps in strengthening the relations with your business partners while reducing your operational expenses.
Businesses that use the Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition, may now enjoy the benefits of "myCustomer" service and offer their clients significant features.

Web Report

Soft1 Web Report application is an important tool for keeping company executives informed and up-to-date, at all times. The application displays all available reports of the Soft1 ERP Series 6, over the web. Without the need for any specialized installations or any additional hardware, with central control for access rights and with extremely easy customization and setup procedures. Soft1 Web Report fully adjusts to your business and industry needs, as well as to each user’s role requirements, bringing increased workforce visibility on the go. The application can be easily adjusted through the central ERP system. The overall functionality, menus, fields, lists, forms, etc. are configured for each user role or position in the company.


Soft1 MyPortal is a mobile application that offers the ability to view the active data gadgets, designed in the Soft1 ERP main system. Users can have real-time information on special matters of interest, such as pending customer issues, incoming emails, sales value per category item and period, top-10 selling product items or customers, etc.). Browsing the data gadgets, is extremely easy and data is portrayed in the form of a table or a graphical representation.


Soft1 QuickView is a mobile application that offers a quick view of the company's financial status. Soft1 QuickView is available for iOS and Android systems.

Mobile Sales

Minimize your costs and enhance your customer service, with Soft1 Mobile Sales application. Improve your sales performance whether on the road or with a customer. Soft1 Mobile Sales is ideal for all businesses that employ independent contractor salesmen, since it allows them to carry out their tasks, utilizing a mobile PDA device, which offers them real-time access to all relevant corporate information. With Soft1 Mobile Sales, executives can easily complete orders, payment collections and merchandising. They can also be informed on customer financial records, account balances, commodities status etc. In addition, using Soft1 Mobile Sales, your executives can print orders, receipts, invoices and vouchers.

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