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Synergy LTD (Nespresso)


Coffee Machines & Capsules Trade

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Singular Control 4

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Soft1 ERP

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Soft1 ERP proved to be an advanced solution that fully satisfies our demanding and fast growing business requirements. All Soft1 applications create a user-friendly working environment that completely adjusts to our business needs. Soft1 offers our company a complete set of solutions that help us reduce operational costs and improve the quality of service offered to our customers

Helen Michopoulou, Managing Director, Nespresso Business Solutions - Synergy LTD

Nespresso Business Solutions - Synergy LTD

Nespresso Business Solutions - Synergy LTD exclusively represents the wel-known Swiss company, Nestle Nespresso SA, in the Greek market. Operating up to 2010 in the coffee, machine and accessories retail market segments, the company now specializes in offering a complete range of dedicated services to restaurants, hotels, cafes, as well as enteprises and other large organizations.

  • Improve the processing speed of telephone orders
  • Optimize financial management and cash-flow audit capabilities
  • Establish a quality control process allowing the automation of service cost controlling procedures
  • Design automated procedures to efficiently manage sales data
  • Develop a unified environment for monitoring all business operations, assigning authorities to different departments
  • Monitor inventory and product distribution activities

  • Faster completion of telephone order through easy access to sales historical data
  • Efficient financial planning based on continuous oversight of all accounts receivable and repayment agreements
  • Advanced management of customer service actions, converting issues to consignment notes and invoices
  • Statistical display of customer service operations, ensuring detailed tracking of product serial numbers and warranties
  • Design of a special lead generation and management mechanism including enhanced reporting capabilities (generate reports per time period, geographical zone, product category, client etc.)
  • Establishment of a powerful subsystem for managing all cross-functional business operations, providing direct task assignment per department and user
  • Redesign of data entry process, eliminating the possibility of entry errors
  • Managing multiple stock locations with quantitative indications regarding pending orders and relevant data exchange

  • Improved speed of operations and quality of services offered to trading parties
  • Significantly improved cash flow ratio, providing full coverage of all existing bank guarantees
  • Complete automation of Customer service process, generating complex, qualitative reports regarding customers’ satisfaction
  • Enhanced sales data analysis and reporting
  • Overall improved organizational management
  • Elimination of data entry errors
  • Significant reduction in supply chain operational costs as well as in time required for product distribution

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