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Prime Ltd


General Ship Supplies

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DOS application

Soft1 application

Soft1 Cloud ERP

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SoftOne Technologies S.A.

It is no exaggeration to say that Soft1 Cloud ERP relies at the very heart of our business operation! SoftOne efficiently carried out the implementation project, deploying a contemporary ERP solution that provides business process automation, while guaranteeing 24x7 seamless system operation. Partnering with the biggest cloud ERP provider in Greece, has helped our company improve its overall business efficiency.

Kostas Vanos, General Manager, Prime Ltd

Prime Products Distribution

Prime Products Distribution is a Greek multinational corporation, operating for more than 2 decades across the marine and other industrial markets. Having offices in Piraeus, Rotterdam, Fujairah and Singapore, Prime Ltd provides a diverse portfolio of products and services, ranging from general ship supplies and bonded stores to specialized gas detection instruments, safety and technical equipment and logistics.

  • Efficiently handle high business complexity and challenges of operating in Piraeus, Rotterdam, Fujairah and SingaporeReduce upfront and ongoing IT investments and maintenance costs at the company’s remote sites
  • Successfully manage the increased bureaucracy occurred in the company’s individual affiliates
  • Eliminate the need of creating and keeping different product items, customer records and transaction documents per affiliate
  • Speed up sales orders, sales offers and customer invoice processing
  • Easily obtain all necessary information and produce unified, corporate business reports
  • Respond quickly to customer issues and requests

  • Implemented Soft1 Cloud ERP, unifying all business operations under a single platform
  • Fully automated sales orders processing, providing all affiliates with real-time access to product items, sales offers, customer transactions, pricing policies etc.
  • Designed advanced tasks for importing customer order forms and automatically converting them into sales offers
  • Developed a powerful sampling search subsystem for easily accessing available product items, suppliers and best prices
  • Deployed a process that automatically produces purchase orders, grouping items per supplier as well as calculating order quantities based on stock control
  • Centrally managed sales order processing from the company’s headquarters, delivering documents to the redefined recipients (affiliates, suppliers) online
  • Implemented International Transactions feature to perform billing, cash collection and payments in multiple foreign currencies
  • Utilized Soft1’s Cash Flow module to provide real-time view of all accounts payables and receivables
  • Provided real-time system updates, automatic backup and disaster recovery solutions

  • Unified business operation, resulting into significant cost savings and faster transactions
  • Real-time data transfer among the company’s headquarters and its affiliates
  • Elimination of IT investments and maintenance tasks on the company’s remote facilities
  • 75% time savings in sales orders processing, while reducing ordering errors to zero
  • High flexibility in addressing requirements related to the specific legislation of each country of operation
  • Detailed, real-time monitoring of the company’s liquidity
  • Seamless business operation, eliminating system downtime
  • Optimized utilization of IT resources
  • Efficient supply management and improved customer service

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