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Provet S.A.


Veterinary Medicinal Products

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Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

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SoftOne Technologies S.A.


Provet S.A. is the leading manufacturer of veterinary medicinal products in Greece and one of the healthier companies in the distribution of veterinary medicinal products, nutritional products for livestock, pet food & accessories and clinic equipment. Guided by a customer-oriented mentality, as well as its focus on the achievement of the best possible care and welfare of animals, PROVET has today more than 100 registered trademarks and exports products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

  • Develop a unified financial management process
  • Provide unrestricted customization capabilities to users
  • Create a data quality control process, so as to ensure the satisfaction of established quality standards and manage lots traceability
  • Manage orders and procurements through an approval based process
  • Control budgeted expenditures, allowing the automatic allocation to predefined cost centers with no additional processing
  • Establish an automated process for satisfying warehouse transfers and lots release requirements

  • Implementation of a comprehensive financial management solution that fully satisfies the company needs and requirements
  • Enablement of a monitoring process for registration and evaluation of quality control measurements, so as to define lots suitability
  • Establishment of a 3-stage approval process for all expenditures and payments, with concurrent allocation to different cost centers. While under approval, multiple budget scenarios for sales, purchases and expenditures are available
  • Implementation of an integrated customer orders management subsystem that operates in the basis of multiple financial criteria for credit approval
  • Establishment of a proper workflow process for Production that ensures minimum user involvement in data processing and enhances the accuracy of items / lots selection and transfer
  • Implementation of an automated process for transferring securities and documents related to transactions conducted between the two independent group companies that are included in the system operation

  • All company needs are satisfied by a single ERP system that manages all business processes and allows further operational enhancement in a flexible and low-cost manner
  • Using the powerful Soft1 ERP workflow tools, all main business processes are fully automated, allowing faster operations and improving the quality of company data
  • Proper security and approval procedures are applied with the exploitation of the multiple-level approval subsystem of Soft1 ERP, so as to ensure that budgeting, expenses control and payment scheduling are defined dynamically and based upon proper business criteria
  • Increased reporting capabilities in a timely and reliable manner
  • Improved business flexibility resulting from the use of Soft1 customization tools, which allow easy and low-cost adjustment or expansion of business processes to satisfy future needs

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