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Welcome Stores


Electrical, Electronical & Home Appliances

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DOS application

Soft1 application

Soft1 Cloud ERP

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SoftOne Technologies S.A.

Soft1 Cloud ERP has proved to be the right choice for us as it successfully supports our retail operation, connecting Welcome Stores with its points of sale, in real-time. Soft1 Cloud ERP is a reliable, easy-to-use and highly customizable ERP system that fully covers our stores’ retail needs, regardless of their size.

Dimitrios Gkenios, IT Manager, Welcome Stores

Welcome Stores

Welcome Stores is a leading Greek company operating in the line of trading electronical, electrical and other home appliances. Starting its business activity in northern Greece (via 19 points of sale), Welcome Stores is currently a successful retail chain with a strong presence all over Greece through an extended network of 86 independent stores.

  • Unified business operation and central management of the company’s retail network
  • Integration and modernization of IT infrastructure
  • Digital transformation of all business processes
  • Two-way communication among the company’s headquarters and its retail stores
  • Full support of all independent points of sale, based on their specific business requirements
  • Automation and optimization of all daily operations

  • Centralized sales order processing, inventory management and product codification
  • Applied a ready-to-use store operation menu for seamlessly integrating all new company members to the platform
  • Implemented a single, automated process for registering all company's transaction documents
  • Designed a purchase order system, automatically sending all orders (via email) to product suppliers
  • Developed a subsystem for automatically importing documents from one company member to another
  • Integrated Welcome Store’s e-shop with Soft1’s central data base

  • Increased management control and unified retail operation
  • Low TCO and 24x7 system operation with no additional investments on servers, maintenance costs, system backups etc.
  • Significant cost and time savings, fewer errors or delays and better resources allocation, resulting into increased employee productivity
  • Better insights into the overall retail operation for informed decision making
  • Improved, high-quality customer service
  • Extended business process automation, ensuring timely information to all company members
  • Real-time data transfer among the company’s headquarters and its retail network
  • Instant e-shop update, allowing for faster inventory replenishment

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