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Danone Dairy Products S.A.


Fresh Dairy Products

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

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Connect Line S.A.

Soft1 ERP is a very flexible system, which enables us to incorporate any new requirement, promptly and efficiently. In addition, without the built-in QlikView, both daily and monthly reporting as well as the thorough control of the company would be impossible.

Theodore Voulelis, IS Manager, Danone Dairy Products S.A.


Danone Dairy Products S.A. is a member of the Groupe Danone, the world's leading food-products multinational corporation. Groupe Danone is listed on Fortune 500, representing one of the most succesful companies in the world. It produces fresh dairy products, cereals, baby foods, yogurts as well as bottled water, owning internationally known brands such as: Aqua, Volvic, Evian, and Badoit.

  • Need for quick movement of goods due to short life duration
  • Sale from van sellers and pre-sellers in Athens and through partners in the province
  • Need to manage about 8.000.000 sales document lines per year for the statistical analysis of the company
  • Incorporating practices that constitute group standards, such as Purchase Orders, IFRS, Cost Centers Management, P&L

  • Development of purchase order circuit management
  • Interface creation between Soft1 ERP and the application of the van-Sellers and pre-sellers
  • Sales analysis with the QlikView
  • Completion with P.O. process, with cost monitoring capability cost per cost-center and contract with the suppliers
  • Monitoring of the company based on the local code and the IFRS
  • Use of ABC costing tools

  • Reporting time is reduced by 97%
  • Accuracy in data by avoiding manual entries, and the automatic import of data from other applications of the Group and our partners
  • High KPI’s in customer satisfaction due to delivery accuracy
  • 20% reduction in storage cost due to the controlled stock through the market system management

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