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Animal Feed

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Open ERP

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

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SoftOne Technologies S.A.


EL.VI.Z SA, a member of the EUROFARM group of companies, specializes in the animal feed production since 1963. Operating through its manufacturing plants in Platy (Imathia) and Petrohori (Xanthi), EL.VI.Z offers to the Greek farmers a healthy and balanced feed that activates their animals’ productivity, thus improving the production cost and the quality of all husbandry products.

  • Deploy a comprehensive IT solution that ideally supports all business processes
  • Organize and fully automate critical procedures that pertain to production
  • Efficiently monitor feed production and timely identify cost variations
  • Model the flow of documents used for placing purchase orders
  • Maintain raw material and finished goods inventories at suitable levels
  • Deliver improved customer service
  • Improve the efficiency of all manufacturing operations
  • Enhance operational and management control

  • Implemented the "Soft1 ERP" solution, incorporating all business processes in a single platform
  • Integrated Soft1 with the existing plant facilities, thus standardizing the technical specifications of production, as well as modeling functions such as production orders and consumption sheets
  • Utilized the Soft1 Internal Costing module to automatically calculate direct and indirect manufacturing costs
  • Designed Purchase Approval Scenarios, strictly defining the priority of the documents that have to be approved, as well as the authorized users (or user groups) who can approve them
  • Upgraded the Soft1 Inventory Control module with “Lots” in order to monitor product lots by means of real-time stock and trafficking data, specifying the lot consumption mode based on the expiry date
  • Incorporated advanced CRM functionality to efficiently handle orders, sales, leads and customer support issues
  • Used Soft1 Remote System in order to seamlessly run critical manufacturing operations, even in cases that the connection with the Application Server is temporarily off-line
  • Utilized Soft1’s embedded BI and Reporting tools to generate extensive sales reports and evaluate them vs Budget scenarios

  • Higher organizational effectiveness, faster task execution
  • Significant reduction of manufacturing expenses, quick response to changing customer demands
  • Accurate cost production estimation, enabling EL.VI.Z to take any required prompt corrective actions
  • Efficient purchasing audit, ensuring that all orders reflect actual demand patterns and production needs
  • Automated inventory management, eliminating stockpiling and expired product lots
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Seamless business operation, eliminating any production delays
  • Extensive statistical information, faster and better decision-making

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