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ΕΖΑ Protypos Hellenic Brewery S.A.


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Achieving a 50%, 75% or even 100% growth rate was the only option for our company in order to reform from a small brewery to a large scale beer producer. Thanks to SoftOne and its powerful ERP solution, we managed to double both total turnover and production volume within the first year! And we accomplished this goal with minimum investment risks and low operating costs.

Aggelos Karakyriakos, Finance Director, EZA Protypos Hellenic Brewery S.A.

EZA Protypos Hellenic Brewery S.A.

EZA Protypos Hellenic Brewery S.A. is a purely Greek brewing company that is actively involved in the decentralized development of the domestic economy. With a modern plant of high production capacity in Atalanti (Fthiotida, Greece) and a privately owned distribution company (Crystal Beverages), EZA Protypos Hellenic Brewery S.A. produces and markets 5 top-quality brands (eza ζ premium pilsener, Pils HELLAS, Odyssey, BLUE island, Berlin Premium Lager) in Greece, while it also exports its private label beer products abroad.

  • Fulfill the company’s growth strategy to (fiscal) reform from a small to a large scale producer
  • Deploy a comprehensive IT solution
  • Support all corporate facilities (manufacturing plants and headquarters)
  • Manage subsidiaries and other members of the EZA group of companies
  • Successfully adjust to any industry need that the “off-the-self” solutions fail to meet
  • Efficiently handle brewing industry-specific requirements regarding excise duties and empty containers
  • Simultaneously manage multiple beer brands and compile individual balance sheets
  • Organize and monitor wholesale distribution network

  • Implemented Soft1 ERP (via the ASK subscription model), integrating all business processes under a single platform
  • Deployed the “Soft1 Payroll” application, providing easier payroll data entry, detailed employee archives, efficient archive and record as well as social security management etc.
  • Utilized the Internal Costing module to automatically assign business expenses to individual brands, beer containers, customers and predefined cost centres
  • Designed advanced tasks for monitoring sales performance both in terms of content and empty containers
  • Defined rules for customer invoice processing, automating special discounts and beer excise duties calculation
  • Utilized the Soft1 embedded BI tools to automatically generate advanced sales and PnL reports

  • Unified business operation, lowering total costs
  • Two-fold (100%) increase in both sales turnover and production volume, while retaining low administrative costs
  • Significant cost savings and faster business transactions
  • Customer invoice processing automation, eliminating data entry errors
  • Efficient and accurate sales monitoring in terms of beer containers
  • Optimized business processes and increased operational control
  • Real-time information regarding individual brands (profitability, sales seasonality, point of sales) as well as individual customers
  • Improved decision-making processes

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