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Green Cola Hellas


Soft Drinks

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Galaxy Enterprise Suite

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

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MIB Computing

Soft1 ERP provides us with accurate cost accounting information, even in terms of production documents. Now, we can easily monitor all operating costs in real time, with a single click, thus timely troubleshoot any occurring problems.

Yiannis Georgantzis, CFO, Green Cola Hellas

Green Cola Hellas

Green Cola Hellas is one of the fastest growing consumer product companies in Greece, having gained the second-position in the cola soft drinks category. Continuing on EPAP’s 50years’ expertise in the soft drinks production and bottling processes, Green Cola Hellas has developed the “green side of soft drinks” by launching products based on natural ingredients. Maintaining the base of its manufacturing plant in Orestiada, the company produces Green Cola (the first cola-style soft drink with stevia), Pure Cola, BLE, Mix & Match and Mad Mojito. Meanwhile, it also expands its distributing network, currently exporting its product portfolio in more than 22 countries worldwide.

  • Support all daily processes with a flexible and easy-to-use ERP solution
  • Systematically monitor and process all operating costs
  • Efficiently handle all soft drink industry needs deriving from the seasonal nature of production or any raw material cost variations
  • Simplify the existing, time-consuming, sales order processing
  • Eliminate any complex, manual invoice-processing tasks
  • Easily generate sales statistics and performance reports
  • Monitor inventory and product distribution activities

  • Incorporated commercial, financial and production management in Soft1 ERP
  • Utilized the production and cost accounting modules to handle and automatically allocate costs to predefined cost centres (department, product etc.)
  • Used Soft1’s internal costing functionality to perform ongoing cost analysis based on seasonality rate and constantly changing cost data
  • Added the Soft1 lots module to monitor product lots by means of real-time stock and trafficking data
  • Defined rules for executing pricing and credit policies to both wholesale and retail customers
  • Integrated Soft1 with existing peripheral systems and order-taking solutions in order to automate sales order management
  • Used Soft1’s embedded reporting and BI tools to produce extensive statistical information, available on pre-designed screen forms

  • Easier and faster task execution on a daily basis
  • Accurate cost production monitoring and estimation
  • Sales order automation, eliminating any manual tasks and data-entry errors
  • 50% reduction in invoice-processing time, resulting into optimized resource allocation
  • Efficient product monitoring and traceability across all business transactions (from raw material purchases to product distribution)
  • Flawless process execution, eliminating complexity and cutting down production bottlenecks
  • Real-time insights into both the overall sales performance and the performance of each business unit/department

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