Company name

Moustakas Toys


Toy Stores

Soft1 application

Soft1 ERP

Implemented by

SoftOne Technologies S.A.


Moustakas Toys is a leading Greek company in the line of manufacturing and trading children toys. For more than thirty years, the company follows strong principles and values that are the driving forces for its constant growth: Quality, Respect and Responsibility.

  • Implement financial and commercial management solutions that fully satisfy the company’s needs and requirements
  • Develop a complete retail management system
  • Establish an integrated supply chain process control
  • Monitor goods distribution tasks offered by freight transport logistics companies
  • Produce extensive financial information for the top level management needs

  • Unification of all financial and commercial processes ensuring real-time company data updating
  • Automation of the retail management system, enabling the on-line (central) supervision by the company’s headquarters
  • Tracking, recording and controlling the distribution of products throughout the supply chain processes, supplemented by enhanced relevant reporting
  • Establishment of an integrated supply chain process control ensuring the strict compliance of cooperating logistics companies with the default standards and procedures
  • Utilizing QlikView’s integrated BI tools in order to produce customized reports going directly to the Board of Directors

  • Business process unification ensuring faster and more efficient management of company data
  • Complete and real-time visibility into the company’s entire retail operation
  • Real-time access and data analysis
  • Increased decision-making abilities
  • Improved speed of operations resulting in significant time saving
  • Efficient monitoring of the suppliers’ compliance with the agreed procedures

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