Company name

Sarah Lawrence S.A.


Women’s Clothing, Fashion & Apparel

Application replaced


Soft1 application

Soft1 Cloud ERP

Implemented by

SoftOne Technologies S.A.

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence is one of the largest companies in the line of design and manufacturing women’s clothing in the Greek market, distributing its products through an extended network of 36+ retail stores. Having collaborated with well-known art directors and fashion designers from around the world, the company exports its clothing and accessories in England, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Cyprus.

  • Deploy a contemporary IT solution, providing real-time communication between the company’s retail stores
  • Plan and standardize all production processes
  • Automate subcontracting manufacturing procedures
  • Efficiently organize company’s warehouses and stock locations
  • Streamline all accounting daily operations
  • Effective customer relationships management

  • Implemented Soft1 Cloud ERP, ensuring real-time connectivity across the company’s entire retail network, as well as reliable access to company data from anywhere
  • Utilized the "Soft1 Production" module to automate core business functions such as raw material and raw inventory management (including consumption estimations and reordering)
  • Used Soft1's embedded production function to efficiently manage and fully track subcontracting procedure (by the time that materials are sent to a subcontractor for processing, till finished products are received back in the plant)
  • Established supply chain management procedures, ensuring real-time warehouse system updates with product returns, shipping items etc.
  • Integrated Soft1 Accounting, simplifying and fully automating complex and time-consuming processing tasks
  • Utilized the Soft1 CRM module to efficiently manage contact lists, resolve customer support issues, execute marketing campaigns and exploit new sales opportunities

  • Significant IT infrastructure and operations cost reduction, seamless retail business operation
  • Accurate manufacturing planning, adjusting the production capacity to actual demand
  • Efficient subcontracting processes, eliminating product failures or/and time delays
  • Improved inventory management, as well as reduced shipping times
  • Increased accounting processing speed, continuous compliance with the existing tax legislation
  • Better customer insights and improved customer service

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